Our commitments

Meet customer needs:
» Creating added value and improving the profitability of their companies.
» Giving control its costs and expenses through timely and reliable information.
» Helping you make better decisions.
» Detonating concrete actions.
» Exceeding expectations.

Develop the optimum performance of our staff:
» Providing ongoing training.
» Giving the necessary tools for the development of their functions.
» Encouraging continuous professional growth of each individual.

Maximize productivity of our company:
» Constantly improving the efficiency of our processes.
» Generating greater efficiency in our Human Resources and Technology.
» Optimizing the capture of value.

Financial Services

Financial projections and analysis, analysis of investment projects, management of bank loans, Due Diligence.


processing payroll, legal records, external comptroller, legal records and admon real estate projects.

Accounting services

General accounting and financial reporting, accounting policies and design of internal control procedures, payroll processing.


Upgrade of corporate books and records, integration of boards of directors, the role of director and curator.

Audit services

Tax and financial advice, financial statement audit, tax opinion on sale of shares and social parts, review and control system design.

Fiscal services

Consulting, compliance and tax reports in different areas, tax and financial planning, returns and allowances.

Fiscal defense

Counseling, monitoring and defense during audit processes, tax credits and resolutions, customs, state, local and social security contributions.